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Work experience

0 years

Degree level

Last year of bachelor or Master

Full-time / part-time


Required languages

English (Fluent)
Dutch (Fluent)

Job function


Our young and enthusiastic team is looking for a Sales Intern to help make an impact in recruitment.

Your job will be:

  • Making lead lists of businesses and the people working there that could benefit from our solution
  • Cold calling to tell the world how amazing our solution is
  • Setting up & sending out cold lead generation campaigns
  • Following up/replying to prospect responses
  • Scheduling  first calls
  • Keeping track of all metrics and data of what happens in our sales process
  • And anything else needed to get calls scheduled for our sales team

You should:

  • Be excited about the Neurolytics solution
  • Willing to pick up the phone and call prospects even if it’s a bit scary! (Don’t worry, this is something that you can learn on the job!)
  • Be reliable and flexible
  • Some knowledge of Excel/ Sheets and working with data
  • Speak fluent Dutch and English
  • Be someone always looking to learn something new!
  • Be kind, we treat each other with respect and value doing things well and with care

Good to know:

  • You should be able to work at least hours per week, preferably 40 hours per week.
  • We compensate you €500 per month in compensation for full time work
  • You should be able to make at least 4 months commitment
  • You can start directly

Who are we

We are Neurolytics, innovators in video analytics for HR and recruitment. We are a humble team but proud to be winners of the KvK Top 100 most innovative companies, MT/Sprout Startup of the year and top 5 global startups from StartUs Insights. We believe that people should be in jobs they love and evaluated on who they are, rather than who they appear to be to others. Learn more about working at Neurolytics.

You can find more about us on our About us pageLinkedIn and Facebook.

You are welcome to ask us any questions at

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    What our employees are saying

    Roxana Alexandru
    Roxana AlexandruContent & Research
    Read More
    After 8 years in Corporate America, being a part of Neurolytics has been a breath of fresh air. You won't find a more dedicated, honest and future thinking team. The founders move with integrity first and responsibility second. I highly recommend them as a company to work for and partner with!
    Adam Trebski
    Adam TrebskiBusiness support
    Read More
    From the moment I joined Neurolytics, it was apparent the founders are thoroughly committed to their vision and genuinely strive to make recruitment more fair and engaging. The team culture is open-minded and empowering, allowing each and every member a chance to contribute their ideas freely.
    Rosemarijn Damen
    Rosemarijn DamenResearch Intern
    Read More
    What I liked at Neurolytics was the positivity in the office. Every experience was perceived as a new way to learn and to grow. Besides this, the purpose of the company is both innovative as valuable, which personally made me feel proud to be a part of.
    Sjors van de Ven
    Sjors van de VenResearch Intern
    Read More
    I felt at ease from the first until the last moment. The founders and employees are open, considerate and honestly interested in each other. I liked that they are very ambitious to become bigger and better, and focus on objectivity and ethics. I would definitely recommend working at Neurolytics!
    Evi Sijben
    Evi SijbenData / AI research
    Read More
    Tijdens mijn stage had ik veel vrijheid om zelf mijn onderzoek vorm te geven. Ik kreeg hierbij goede en persoonlijk begeleiding op het gebied van project management. De goede sfeer bij Neurolytics gaf mij een fijne werkomgeving.
    Piet Jonker
    Piet JonkerResearch Intern
    Read More
    At Neurolytics I played with the newest hardware and used science to create a new product. In a start-up, your contribution really matters. It shapes the future of the company, which is really cool. The team has a relaxed culture but gets a lot of work done. I had an amazing time. Check it out!
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