OBJECTIVE AI Behavioural scans

Remotely measure candidates’ behavioural qualities

neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution

Use video AI to measure candidates behavioural qualities

neurolytics recruiting software, talent screening assessment

Quick and intuitive remote process

Our SaaS solution helps hiring teams select candidates on their team and company culture by using objective behavioral and engagement measurements. We harness the power of AI and video-technology, with a company specific scan that employees and candidates can easily do from home.
neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution
Active and passive candidate sourcing

Guide candidates to your scan by inviting them or by using a sharable link on various platforms to let candidates register themselves.

neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution
Candidate takes interactive scan

Depending on the selected tasks for the candidates, they can complete your company specific scan in as little as 10 minutes.

neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution
Get results and new insights

You and your candidates find out how well they match your organization and open position.


Various tasks to gain valuable new candidate insights

Cultural fit

This module measures engagement and work preferences.


  • Candidates will watch your company video showcasing your values and culture

Through an engaging video showcasing your company values and culture, you can benchmark candidates to your team and organizational culture, helping you select the right candidates that add to your organizational culture, for diverse and high-performing teams.

Our AI analyzes the candidate’s video while they watch your company video to measure their engagement. 

Afterwards, a questionnaire checks what the right working environment would be based on the validated culture model of Quinn and Cameron. Both components are based on validated scientific models, so you can trust that the results are accurate and meaningful. Our reports provide actionable insights to help you find the right candidates that fit and stay.

Candidate insights:

Company engagement

See which candidates are committed to your company’s purpose and values.

Working Environment

Discover the work environment preferences of your candidate and if they are a fit or add to your team.

Enhance your recruitment process with unbiased recruitment scans
How to use your scan insights

Our scans provide valuable insights into a candidate’s interests, as well as their fit with your company values and work environment. This helps your hiring team make more informed decisions about who will stay in the job and who has the right mindset for the role. By gaining key insights early in the selection process, you can reduce the number of interviews and speed up time-to-hire. Say goodbye to guessing whether a candidate is motivated for the job – with our scans, you’ll have the objective information you need to make confident hiring decisions, increasing retention and reducing staff turnover.

neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution
neurolytics recruiting software, talent screening assessment

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