How corona affects talent acquisition

How can companies recruit talent remotely? And how can employees continue to develop from home?

Our co-founder Felix sat down to discuss this very relevant topic with innovation origins, where this article first appeared (in Dutch).

See below excerpt where Felix discusses Neurolytics in the time of corona.

For one it is a complete disaster, another can imagine nothing else. Working from home. Some seventy percent of Dutch companies indicate that they will continue to work from home after the crisis , according to an interim report by the Dutch Innovation Monitor 2020 . But how are companies going to organize this? Earlier we looked at what this means for the workplace of the future . Today we look at how employees can continue to develop from home. And how companies also recruit talent remotely.

Felix Hermsen, co-founder of the Utrecht HR start-up Neurolytics, helps companies find and select talent that fits within a corporate culture . They do this with a scientifically developed video analysis tool. “Potential employees take a video assessment in which they watch a company video, answer interview questions and perform cognitive tasks. While doing this, the video software analyzes their behavior and extracts information from sight. This measures soft skills such as stress resistance, motivation and match with the corporate culture. All this information is used to find a candidate who best fits the culture of the company and therefore keeps working longer. ”

Hermsen emphasizes that the scientific substantiation of the product is very important. “We started this about three years ago and we continue to do research together with Utrecht University. We are constantly improving our method and applying the latest insights from science. Our method has been scientifically validated and we work with companies to help them further digitize the recruitment process ”, Hermsen explains.

Learn about yourself

Neurolytics is not only there to help companies find the best match, but the start-up also provides candidates with targeted feedback. Hermsen: “We want to help talent further, it still happens too often that they apply somewhere and then never hear anything again. You learn nothing from that. If it is not a match, we give candidates a deeper insight into why they do not fit certain company cultures. We also indicate where they would fit. This way they learn something about themselves and we give them concrete questions that they can ask in future interviews. That way they don’t work somewhere where they don’t become happy. ”

Hermsen thinks that employees will not soon work 40 hours in the office after the corona crisis. “Companies are looking for a balance between working remotely and going to the office. But corona has changed the world. Where there was previously fear of switching to digital processes, companies now see – out of necessity – that it works fine. This makes the turnaround faster. ”

Hermsen has also noticed this from the increasing number of applications that Neurolytics has been receiving since the virus outbreak. According to the founder, this offers opportunities for the future: “Our main goal is to make people happy, at the moment the focus is on recruitment. There is still so much to be gained here. We want to know better which candidates will be successful in order to prevent dropout. But also ensure that the process is objective and unbiased to stimulate diversity and inclusivity. We notice that companies find this increasingly important. ”

Less physical work contacts

Hermsen thinks it is important to know who fits into your organization. “Especially if you recruit remotely. But also to be able to analyze how someone is mentally in the game. These are aspects that become increasingly important when we have fewer physical work contacts and work more remotely. ”

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