We help you
hire people that stay

A remote solution that enables your recruiters to select candidates that are cultural adds to your organization.

A brand new way to scan candidates
on behavioral characteristics

Our science-based video analysis tool measures the key characteristics you want to know.

Specific to your company

We assess based on your unique  company values and purpose.


We help you root out bias in recruitment and give objective insights.

Fun and easy
for them

Candidates can do the assessment from home in 7 minutes.

A remote solution
lowering time and costs to hire

By analyzing key characteristics of your employees and candidates using
our product modules; the Cultural Fit Scan, Active Speaking & Cognitive Challenge.


(with the company purpose & culture)


(to work for the company)

Confidence & Nervousness

(during structured interviews)

Mental effort

(during cognitive capability tests)

Stress resilience

(in challenging situations)

Company culture

(company DNA & candidate culture fit/add)

How it works

Identify engaged &
fitting candidates

Use objective measurements to know which candidates are the most engaged with your company culture, motivated, and confident and do away with dependency on CVs and letters. 

Increase diversity in your candidate pipeline

Unbiased measurements helps your recruiters pick the right candidates to talk to, regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity. Human bias is extremely difficult to overcome, but we actively check for bias in our algorithms.

Future proof recruitment

Update your recruitment processes for effective and efficient decision-making, that ensures you hire your workforce of the future.

  • Unbiased measurements
  • GDPR / AVG proof
  • State-of-the-Art Data Security
  • 92% of candidates love the experience!


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