Ones To Watch: 20 of the finest SaaS startups born in the past year

Neurolytics has been featured as one of the top 20 SaaS startups to watch out for this past year.

“In a frankly staggering fusion of human science and cutting edge technology, Neurolytics represents the exact kind of SaaS wizardry we’ve been hoping 2020 would bring. Hiring is one of the greatest challenges facing modern businesses, and as our employment culture shifts towards ever more established remote models, video interviews are increasingly ubiquitous. Neurolytics uses the latest techniques from neuroscience and psychology to help you reach hiring decisions based on actual data, as opposed to gut instinct. This magic is achieved by measuring psychophysiological biometrics and then leveraging AI to give recommendations based on various predictors of performance, engagement, and cultural fit. Dialing into calls wearing a smart shirt and pajama bottoms suddenly feels like a risky business”.

This first appeared in this following article.

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