Neurolytics: Top 10 Talent Assessment Companies in Europe

The job market, predictably, ran into many challenges in 2020, leaving many unemployed. This high unemployment rate helped propel a record number of job applicants, thus spurring organizations to zero in on talent assessment tools in order to ensure that they absorb the best candidates. Because of the vastness of the talent pool, companies around the world need a filter in order to reduce the time and cost of acquiring new hires, so they are turning to companies such as ours for their internal recruitment needs.

Neurolytics is proud to be part of the top 10 talent assessment companies as part of this wave of new technologies that embolden organizations to make the right decisions. We are excited at the opportunity to be the right hand that companies need when it comes to hiring the best candidates. As more and more organizations use assessments to predict job-fit or cultural-fit in potential employees, we will be there to ensure that it is done efficiently and securely, while also making it a fun experience for the candidates themselves.

We are honored to be part of the 10 best talent assessment companies in Europe when it comes to helping organizations meet their future needs.

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