Experiencing employee turnover in your municipality? Here’s what you can do!

The youth has the future

“The youth is the future.” How is it then that municipalities are watching while 40% of employees under 25 leave within 3 years?

The answer to this question is disappointing: only 40% of the 342 municipalities are actively working on retaining young employees. In recent years, the turnover of young employees in municipalities has become a growing problem. Research shows that many young employees leave their jobs in municipalities within three years. This is concerning because hiring and training new employees is costly and time-consuming. But how can municipalities solve this problem?

Feeling good at the workplace

Surveys among employees indicate that most of them are satisfied with their contribution to society. However, there is a catch: their satisfaction with the way organizations function is significantly lower. It is good to see that employees perform their work with dedication and have a positive impact on our society. But let’s not forget that job satisfaction is also crucial. When we feel good in our jobs, we are more motivated and productive.

Especially in achieving positive impact, a long-term approach is needed in a bureaucratic environment. This is usually not clearly stated during the recruitment process, which can lead to disappointments.

Prevent disappointments and manage expectations

One way to prevent such disappointments and streamline the recruitment process is the use of AI video analysis. Through this method, attention can be given to cultural aspects like this at the beginning of the process. Based on a video, the candidate can get a better sense of the organization and decide if the culture and work environment are a good fit. Watching the short video and answering a few questions about the way of working provide insights into the candidate’s alignment with the organization. The employer can see which candidates are more or less suited to the way of working and discuss this during the live interview with the candidate.

Online assessments

Research shows that online assessments are highly appreciated by candidates, and AI offers many new possibilities in this regard. Tools like Neurolytics scans can give municipalities the opportunity to provide new employees with a clear picture of their daily tasks and organizational culture. By ensuring that people end up in a position and organization that suits them, they will be more motivated, significantly increasing the chances of them staying longer.

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