Pre-select on your culture
to hire people that stay

Hire the right candidates for your organization through unbiased video scans.

Hire the right candidates for your organization based on objective human behavior

An award winning HR recruitment solution to pre-select and hire the right candidates for your team and organizational culture. Objective and unbiased through an engaging video-experience, based on your company values to hire people that stay and perform.

Adding completely new human data to HR and recruitment. We believe every person is unique and should have an equal chance in landing their dream job, independent from their age, gender and ethnicity.

Winner of the 2021 StartUp of the Year


The results of the pilot were above expectations and decisive for the continuation of the partnership. Aethon values efficiency in its recruitment process, and wants to build long term relationships with talent that are well suited to their professions. It is truly a scan that is ready for the future. I would highly recommend it.

Our easy to use remote solution will help you tackle these challenges

Hire for Culture Select candidates most engaged with your company values. Understand your organization’s culture and team compositions. Hire the right people and reduce bad hires.

Hire for human success Select on key behavioral qualities and human skills to hire people that will be successful, preventing early leavers.

Hire with equal opportunityReduce bias through data-driven behavioral insights, independent of age, gender or ethnicity. Helping you to build diverse and successful teams.

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