Uncover passionate candidates in your pre-selection phase


Our product modules

Ease the process and unburden recruiters: no hustle, up and running in an hour.

Support recruiters in their decision making and free up more time for sourcing.


The candidate watches a company video and answers questions about personal work preferences. We measure Cultural Fit, motivation, company engagement and select the best fitting candidates.

The Cultural-Fit-Scan takes 5 minutes.

Pre-Screening Module

The candidate watches interviewing questions and answers verbally online. We summarize answers and measure confidence, stress and motivation.

This module takes +5 minutes depending on the number of questions.

Cognition Module

The candidate answers gamified reasoning questions. We measure mental fitness, stress management, change ability and learning potential.

This module takes +5 minutes.


The candidate walks through all three modules. We measure all aforementioned constructs and do a full candidate assessment. This Full-Video-Scan is the modern digital way of assessing your applicants.

A Full-Video-Scan takes between 15 to 20 minutes.

Scientifically validated methods

We are connected to universities, our research team is led by Dr. Marnix Naber from Utrecht University and consists of researchers in the fields of neuroscience, applied psychology and information and data science.

Video AI to measure people's passion

Our technology combines computer vision, machine learning and knowledge from the fields of psychology and neuroscience. 

GDPR / AVG Proof

Our system is GDPR build, privacy and security is of highest importance for us and our users.


Scan your candidates with our Video AI

Better cultural fit

Lower the costs of doing business

Long Term, Predictive solution

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