OBJECTIVE Behavioural scans

Remotely measure candidates’ behavioural qualities

neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution
neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution

Proven to be effective, enjoyable and quick

Completion rate
(competitors often only reach ~40%)
Fewer interviews needed
Fewer bad hires
Positive candidate experience
Avg. completion time

Quick and intuitive remote process

Our SaaS solution helps hiring teams select candidates on their team and company culture by using objective behavioral and engagement measurements. We harness the power of AI and video-technology, with a company specific scan that employees and candidates can easily do from home.
neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution
Active and passive candidate sourcing

Guide candidates to your scan by inviting them or by using a sharable link on various platforms to let candidates register themselves.

neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution
Candidate takes interactive scan

Depending on the selected tasks for the candidates, they can complete your company specific scan in as little as 10 minutes.

neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution
Get results and new insights

You and your candidates find out how well they match your organization and open position.

insightful candidate experiences

We care about people and their work & life happiness

We understand how work can make people happy or miserable and we have found a radically new scientific way to measure this.
We want to help job hunters and recruiters by offering every candidate a learning experience, providing insights for personal development and finding the right fit.
Candidates love the experience - quotes


Various tasks to gain valuable new candidate insights

Cultural fit

Watching your company video showcasing your values and culture

Through an engaging video showcasing your company values and culture, you can benchmark candidates to your team and organizational culture, helping you select the right candidates that add to your organizational culture, for diverse and high-performing teams.

Candidate insights:

Company engagement

See which candidates are committed to your company’s purpose and values.

Enhance your recruitment process with unbiased recruitment scans
neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution


Video recording

By asking your candidates to record a short video answering two pre-defined questions – we’re learning about their general motivation and overal confidence. 

Candidate insights:

General motivation

Find candidates who are intrinsically motivated to make the job a success.

Overal confidence

See which candidates are verbally strong and come across as representative.

Cognitive abilities

Timed questionnaire

A 10 minute questionnaire with questions regarding their cognitive abilities. 

Candidate insights:

Stress resilience

Discover candidates who are successful in challenging roles and environments.

Ease under pressure

See which candidates can perform under pressure.

neurolytics - recruiting software, recruiting solution


Unique in science and technology

Neurolytics is the only recruitment solution with a published recognition in Nature Science Journal. And the only solution who’s gotten grants from both the EU and NWO (Nederlands Wetenschappelijk Instituut) for our remarkable science and technology. As of such, we’ve been listed in the top 5 HR tech solutions worldwide – among other awards.

neurolytics recruiting software, talent screening assessment
neurolytics recruiting software, talent screening assessmentneurolytics recruiting software, talent screening assessment

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